A Travel Hack

This month I was on vacation. Therefore the post to this month’s hack is slightly delayed. Nevertheless the people who follow my blog where able to see the content page at the first of the month. So in case you never want to miss my new pages you might want to follow my blog. Just use the “sign me up” button in the sidebar to the right.

As I said I was on vacation. I was travelling to the US and this brought up again the never ending travel adapter issue. My final fix is somewhat unusal. It is hackish in nature but trivial to execute. My first solution was already very satisfactory:

DIY Travel Adapter

DIY Travel Adapter

But it pales to the final IEC compliant solution. You might find it trivial but I am very proud of it for exactly that reason. Once you know this solution it is as obvious as can be. But if you do not know it you might not even suspect that it exist

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