From the technical perspective here are my most interesting experiments. Several engineers told me – before they had seen the implementation – that they would not expect this to be possible.

First the Blinkenlight Shield will be used to implement a low resolution camera.

Blinkenlight Camera

Then I will use it for comparing Arduino Crystal Deviations.

Frequency Comparison

Crystal Deviations

With some cheap external parts I will even use it to monitor the power grid.

Power Grind Monitoring

Power Grind Monitoring

Another experiment with a bunch of diodes and some solder work will convert the Blinkenlight Kit into rudimentary thermal imaging device.

Thermal Imaging Hack

Finally I use the Blinkenlight Shields to check different parameters of my digital camera. For example I use it to measure the shutter speed of my digital camera.

Speed Measurement

Speed Measurement

In another experiment I use it to very the frame rate of the video mode. The result gives something to think about.

Detecting Frame Rates

As a consequence I created a much more precise means to measure frame rates. This experiment also features a lot of other interesting stuff like a stream parser for numbers, a state machine and the TRICK17 macro.

Parser State Engine

If you ever wondered how to measure the (regulated) supply voltage of the Arduino you can find my answer in the supply voltage measurement experiment.

Supply Voltage Measurement


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