MSF Support at the Horizon

This month I received the biggest contribution to my library so far. Gavin Andrews issued a github pull request for MSF support. Unfortunately I am completely unable to merge it in for the strangest reason ever. After my upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 my WLAN is unstable. To be more precise: it is stable no matter what I do until I try to log into Then the network driver will crash immediately. First I thought this is due to https but it is not. Online banking works fine. Then I thought it might be due to the netword Adapter, by now I have tried 4 different brands with 4 different chipsets. Finally I found a new adapter that seems to work.

The impact was: I could not merge and I could not push my own stuff 😦
The best adapter so far is somehwat OK, but I would prefer a better one. If anyone of my readers would have a hint for a WLAN Adapter with the following properties I would be more than grateful:

  1. Must be stable under Ubuntu 14.04 and above.
  2. Must support external Antenna connector.
  3. Must be connected by USB.

Why I have these requirements? Actually the hidden requirement is: must work with my notebook and be able to get through 2 floors reinforced concrete. So far my RTL8187B based USB adapter worked very well. Since the upgrade that is.

By now I started to merge his work back into my main line. You can not see it integrated right now though. The point is that I am covering almost everything with unit tests to be sure that I do not disrupt anything. As it turns out I already discovered some minor bugs in my stuff. Thus my plan is as follows:

  1. Gavins work goes into a feature branch on Github and will be there on hold. Anyone can get it already from there though. I will accept feedback for it as well.
  2. I continue to cover and fix my main branch.
  3. Once the main branch has sufficient test coverage I will merge in Gavins work.
  4. After the merge I would be willing to add tests for MSF. Hopefully someone will contribute them 🙂
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