Improving Quality

As you might have noticed I now have merged Gavin’s MSF code into my development branch at Github. So far I did not put it into the master branch as part of a release. The point is that I still did not test it. The same holds true for the contributions of Aido.

Before I merge this stuff into master I want to be sure it works. Hence I ask everyone who wants to contribute please give me some feedback to one or both of the following questions:

  1. Does the MSF Code work for you?
  2. Does the (DCF77) Code work with an Arduino Leonardo?

I also improved the documentation quite a lot.

But the most work went into setting up unit tests for my library. As it turns out I introduced some subtle issues into my code while refactoring. Now I uncover and fix them one by one. Continue reading here to learn about the details.

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One Response to Improving Quality

  1. paxyinrs says:

    Keep a great job !
    Project works great with Crystal Mini Pro and do not work because of drift at Ceramic Nano.
    I have just combined Swiss Army Debug Helper with MB Emulator so I can with option “Dn” switch to NTP mode (MB Emulator). That way, with Scope and Debug I first find best position, with lowest noise level then I switch to MB emulation. In future, I will probably add some hardware switch for moving form one mode to another.

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