Basic Effects

In the Basic Effects experiments I will present visually stunning results that can be achieved with simple means. The first will be a classical bouncing ball effect. Of course there will be some Knight Rider style effects. I will conclude with persistence of vision and a VU meter experiment.

All of these effects are well suited for light paintings.

Glow Effect PWM Flicker

Glow Effect PWM Flicker

If you are less interested in light painting but more on PWM and technical refinement then you will want to follow up to the removing flicker experiments. These experiments are less directed at simplicity and light painting. They are more directed to technical details and improvements, especially at getting rid of PWM flicker.

Knight Rider Without Flicker

Knight Rider Without Flicker

Before you continue with the removing flicker experiments I recommend to have a look at the counting resets experiments. These experiments introduce a little trick that we will user over and over again.

Also do not miss the VU meter experiment. I did not use this one for light painting so far. However it comes with a very nice video.

Finally the newest experiment in this section exhibits how to setup a simple helipad. The main purpose of this experiment is to show how multiple effects can be synchronized even though all pins are driving LEDs.


2 Responses to Basic Effects

  1. iFreilicht says:

    First Line after the PWM Flicker Picture: “If are less …” there’s a “you” missing 😉

  2. Thanks for notifying me. I fixed it.

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