Blinkenlight vs Arduino Due

Last Christmas I bought myself an Arduino Due. Now I have to port all my stuff to it. Well, at least some of it. First of all I plugged a Blinkenlight Shield into it to verfiy that it is actually compatible. Of course it is. As you can the see the Blinkenlighty is noticable brighter (as it outputs 5 V instead of 3.3 V). Still the Blinkenlight Shield is easily visible at day light. Also notice the most important difference: lots of free pins. Not to mention the invisible things: lots of memory šŸ™‚


As it turns out the software part has quite some surprises. Read about my Knight Rider 2 experiment to learn about this.

Yesterday Bruno Hoegger commented on Persistence of Vision that he found a bug in combination with the newest Arduino Compilers. Thanks to Bruno for pointing it out. I have not yet fixed this everywhere in my blog. However I fixed my local codebase. The most convenient way to get all fixes at once is to download my repository from github.

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