In Praise of the GOTO Statement

My “electro mechanical” time switch raised quite some interest. One of my reader would even like to buy one. Sorry guys, if you want such a product someone has to help me to get it where it would actually make a profit. Until then I keep implementing this kind of stuff for fun.

I also got some feedback for my Super Filter. That is it contained some small but nasty bug which is fixed by now. Another thing that really pleases me a lot is the number of forks of my dcf77 library. If you search github for DCF77 you will find mine is the most forked dcf77 library so far.

Back to the time switch. The code of the time switch if full with goto statements. It actually contains more goto statements than probably my whole code of the last 10 years combined. This in turn gave me the opportunity to write a page on GOTO considered helpful. This is a rant that I had in mind for years. And finally I found some none artificial setup where it actually applies 🙂

For an alternate view visit explain xkcd.

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