Automatic Tuning

As promised last month my library now got some more update that exceeds the functionality of The Clock significantly.

It now supports “autotune”. That is the crystal frequency compensation will not require manual optimization anymore. The improved library will auto tune the adjustment. Even better it will retune automatically as long as the library keeps in sync with DCF77.


I went even one step further. It even supports persistency for the tuned adjustments. Once the frequnecy is tuned the adjustment will persisted to EEPROM and reloaded from there at the next power cycle.

If you wonder if I applied wear leveling – the answer is no. I computed that on average the library will persist less than once per day. So it would wear out EEPORM after 100 000 days or more than 300 years of continous operation. In my opinion this is something not worry about 🙂

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