DCF77 vs. GPS

This month I setup ntpd on my Linux Box. The idea was to connect a GPS and my DCF77 clock as a backup. My naive assumption was that the GPS would outperform my DCF77 clock easily. However as it turned out it is the other way round. Although the GPS must have a significantly better internal clock my clock outperforms it easily in any relevant aspect: less jitter, better precision and excellent performance during heavy rain / obstructed sky view.

Then there were quite some people that got very excited about my library. For example Brett Oliver – creator of very cool DCF77 clocks – wants to use this library for one of his next clocks. As I already noticed on my DCF77 library page this seemed to be a compiler issue. Some of my readers noticed this as well. Thanks to a comment by Werner Gaulke and the work of Andy Brown the issue is solved. It definitely is a compiler issue and Andy has detailed instructions on how to fix this for Windows. I assume that this works for other OSes as well. For Ubuntu I never had this issue because my compiler was not bundled with Arduino. Thus I always enjoyed a better compiler.

The proper solution to this mess would be of course to convince the Arduino team to replace the ~5 year old compiler by an up to date version.

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