The Real Thing

In December I started my DCF77 project by enhancing an existing DCF77 library with exponential filtering.

In 2013 I then started “the real thing”. That is a DCF77 clock that applies advanced decoding techniques. This month I am very proud to present the final result. This DCF77 clock can “decode” the signal even under extraordinary amounts of noise. The trick is that it does not really decode the signal but “lock” to it. Once a lock is acquired it can keep the lock even in the presence of increasing noise levels. In case it does lose the lock it can keep time with a local clock. But this is not enough, it can even exploit the local clock information for faster lock reacquisition.

After a lot of search on the internet I am pretty much sure that with regard to noise resilence this is the most advanced open source DCF77 decoder ever 🙂

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