The Blinkenlighty

As I already anounced last month there is now an Arduino clone designed by me. This month it finally got available in numbers. Since the board was released in Germany I have run a small naming contest in the German Arduino Forum. The contest was won by Forum Member “Addi”. The “official” name for my clone is now “Blinkenlighty”. Click on the picture to find out more details on the schematic and the layout.

If you want to buy it, it is available as part of the Franzis Lernpaket “Lichteffekte mit Arduino”.

The “Lernpaket” does not only contain a Blinkenlighty but also a book by me. The book contains some experiments I did not publish on my webpage. It also contains some details about the inner workings of the Arduino that seem not be generally known. In addition I cover some very cool Blinkinglight effects. Have a look at the videos. The effects are ***very*** smooth because it is PWM with 8 bit resolution at more than 20 kHz.

Of course this month’s experiment will utilize the Blinkenlighty. In the Arduino forum every once in a while there is the question how to measure the supply voltage. As it turns out this is pretty simple. The controller has a built in voltage reference which can be measured relative to the supply voltage. Since the voltage of the reference is known this can then be used to compute the supply voltage. Read my supply voltage measurement experiment on how to implement this.

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